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Your Online products aren’t selling? KartzHub will help to sell your items

Everyone at some point faces the dreaded sales slump. Sometimes it may be at the initial phase of your business and sometimes it may come as a surprise while your business is pretty much established. If you are waiting since long for the notification “Congratulations, you have received an order” and you have received none then it’s high-time you should take the necessary steps on your Online products .

You may be wondering what is happening and how to get your sales on track?

Listed below are the reasons as well as better solutions to make your sales up in Online products :

Lacking behind:

You should get the clear idea about what your product is lacking behind. Whether it’s the seasonal hack, product issue, improper marketing techniques, high pricing or some other factor that is affecting your sales. KartzHub in its dashboard gives you the clear picture of your product. It provides analysis and trends to notify you that which product is not working well and the causes behind it.


An item that sells best in q0010 website may not sell in Shopee. Buyers these days know which website to visit for the particular product. Rather than taking the pain of searching for the product, they would visit that particular website and buy the product. Kartzhub is the multichannel platform that has access to multiple marketplaces. List your product easily into marketplaces and know which marketplace works best for you.

Aim for top seller status:

Receiving a top seller status in any of the marketplaces would have an impact on your commission – you need to pay less. To be a top seller, there are various aspects you should focus on while selling online. Like, your shipping should be on the scheduled date or before, which ultimately lower the buyer complaints in the product reviews. Offer better discounts as compared to the competitors – these aspects are also covered in the KartzHub platform. There are multiple shipping options to choose from as per your finances permit.

Filter out the complicated processes while listing, inventory and order management. Try KartzHub free 14-day trial and make your product a fast selling product.