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Why e-commerce startup fails within 120 days

Why e-commerce startup fails within 120 days and how you can save yourself from it ?

In this Blog below topics are covered

Many of our clients ask us, “Why our e-commerce business is not working? Even though we have the best products and the price we offer is also lower. But have you ever researched the different aspects of your products? Have you ever thought why a customer would buy your product?

There are many variables you need to look on while you think of starting a new business or an           e-Commerce Start-ups. As per the statistics by some researchers, almost 75 percent of start-ups fail within 2-3 years.

Let us see why this happens:

Every eCommerce startup should follow the four stages:

The downsides eCommerce startup usually faces and the best solution to avoid it:

This is a very crucial stage where you need to focus on aspects like:


Execution stage comprises of your team and internal processes. Let’s have a look on how it contributes to the failure of e-Commerce start-up:


You might think that your product or service is good. But have you done the right market research and taken reviews from the customers to know what they want and does your product serve their purpose? If you have not? Then research every minute details that have been listed above. Also, follow the processes even if you have become a well-established business. Because you never know when other new start-up or business may offer a better product and take your place.