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Does your shopping cart sync with your work? Facts about shopping cart a seller should to know

What exactly is the shopping cart ?

shopping cart is a software that acts as an interface between the specific company website and its deeper infrastructure.

This allows the customers/ buyers to:

It allows the sellers too:

Shopping cart fills the gap between the sellers and the buyers, so it’s very important to have the best shopping cart in order to have a smooth online process. Over the years there are many shopping carts that have been flooded in the market with different features in its kitty.

New sellers often find it difficult where to start from and end up buying the wrong one. Choosing the wrong shopping cart may create havoc in your business as the dysfunctional cart can cripple your online business. If your site is complex and slow then its likely that the customers may abandon the cart even if the product is good. The more you spend your valuable time solving the technical issues there will be less time left to actually concentrate on your marketing activities and fulfilling orders.

While choosing that perfect shopping cart for your store, it’s important to keep the below contents in mind:

What are your business needs?

Main goals

Do you just want to sell homemade products or start an eCommerce enterprise and make it big? This goal impacts on the type of ecommerce platform you should choose.

Skill level:

If you are a beginner you should opt for SAAS (Software as a service) solutions that is easy to use. You need to pay your vendor to access the software, hosting, and security. SAAS solution has limited functionalities and you cannot customize your site as per your needs.

If you are old in this business and is aware of the working of shopping cart software E-commerce business then you can opt for the open-source shopping cart. It is difficult to operate, but if you have dedicated developers then you can easily customize the software and do larger changes in the system. But customization comes at a cost.

Features you need: 

Note the features you require and go for the shopping cart that is best suitable for you.

Pricing of the Carts

Every shopping cart offers a different pricing, depending upon the requirement of your storage and bandwidth. Few factors you should consider before choosing the plan:


Most of the plans start with a minimum of 1 GB bandwidth and goes up. Know the exact fees before opting for a plan.


Storage: If you exceed your monthly storage some platforms charge extra fees. So, do choose a plan that offers a better storage for your images and data.

Themes: Most carts offer free basic themes, while some of them charge for the premium templates.

Other features

Look for the shopping cart that also offers SEO and social media marketing. The shopping cart should enable you to optimize your URL’s for Google search crawlers, have certain add-ons, integrate like and follow button on the product page.


The carts should have the required user guides, forums, and documents in case the user needs some help.

Other factors you should look into while buying the software is the Ease of use for the sellers as well as the buyers, security and the customer support.

The shopping carts available with KartzHub is not restricted to selling only, but it offers many other features. Below are the best shopping carts KartzHub integrates with:

Looking for the best shopping cart may be a daunting task. We at KartzHub offer you the Shopping carts as per your business need. Narrow down your option by connecting to one of our executives at KartzHub.